Selection of Airport/Waypoint/etc in the Map

Hello fellow simmers!
I would like to report a difficulty I’ve been having the last few weeks, which is selecting an “element” (it can be a waypoint, airway, NAVAID, etc.) using the map view.
The example below, I am unable to select the airport, since there is a waypoint over it, and the app does not provide me (not that I know of) any way to specify what I would like to select.

I would like to suggest in such a case (if it is not implemented in a different way) that, when there are a number of elements ( >1 ) within a 5% (in relation to the screen size or zoom maybe) radius from the cursor, a “dropdown” is shown, prompting me to choose from one of the elements in the list.

It is a minor thing, I know, and I can always type the name in the search box. But since the software is already SUPER good, no harm in making it even better, right?

This would also be useful when you want to see which airways “go through” a segment (sometimes you have multiple airways linking the same waypoints).

Let me know if you need more details/explanations. I am more than willing to cooperate.

All the best and a great week everyone! :sunglasses: :earth_africa: :airplane:

Hello Athos! Thank you for your kind words and your feedback.

I understand your frustration, but thankfully there are already multiple ways of achieving what you want. Here they are, ordered by how close they are to your suggestion:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the map to bring up a list of nearby map elements.
  2. Switch to the “High enroute” map layer, and you will have a simpler map where the airport is easily selected individually.

I’m guessing that #1 is exactly what you’re looking for though, it looks like this:

Hope you find these tips useful!

Kind Regards,

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Hello Malte,

geez… I’m feeling really :man_facepalming: stupid right now. For some reason, right clicking on my maps was not giving me anything, so I was kind of unaware of the function. Just reinstalled everything and now it works. :man_shrugging:

Thank you for your patience and attention!

Wishing you all a great week!

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No worries! I’m sorry to hear that the app was acting up at first, I’m glad you got it sorted!

Have a great one!