[Suggestion] Enable right-click menu in the "World Map" view


I often use the “World Map” view in Charts, particularly when I’m looking for nearby cities. Often, I will want to check the charts for the airport at that city, and checking this would be very easy if the right-click menu was enabled for the World Map view. This way, I would be able to pan around the map to find the city I want, right click it, and open the charts for the local airport.

The way it currently works, I would have to switch to either “Enroute” map view, find the location again, and right click it to access the local airport.

Of course, I understand that the right-click menu shows nearby clickable regions for the currently selected map mode, and for “World Map”, there are no clickable regions. However, if airports could at the very least be made accessible (and maybe VORs/NDBs/DMEs), it would be incredibly helpful!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks for removing the email watermark from the charts in the latest update! Much more private to display the username instead. :slight_smile: