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short question, I can´t find the button to show up the approach in map view ?! Can you help me… Might be I am a kind of blind, but I didn´t find …

Greets Klaus

when in the chart viewer:


Hi Klaus.

First - awesome profile photo!

Second - about the approaches: Click the airport; in the Airport detail view, select Procedures; then select Approaches. Filter per Runway as you need.



Ps. Or you do as @kvuo75 suggests, and use the Map Overlay function, which will take the entire Approach Chart and super position it onto the Interactive IFR Map. Or both. :slight_smile:


thanx for your answers. As you remember, not so long time ago :-p … it was possible to select the approach which were showed in the map as a track and not only like a line in the picture above. The overlay feature is not what i ment …

In the version prior you could select the approach in a menu under the displayed route… that´s what i miss …

Greets Klaus


I am not sure how you ended up in the screenshot you provided but it indeed looks a bit cluttered. If you could provide a full screenshot showing also the left panel I could probably understand better,

But in general, when you say you “could select the approach in a menu under the displayed route”, this feature still exists but it is moved to the left panel. When you have a flight loaded, e.g. press the Select button in the Departures section. Like this, it will show the list of SIDs with the best option on top, and a graphical view to the right:

Like in the old app, you had this feature under the route, where you had the list as a dropdown and the “eye” button to enable the overview:

As you see, the feature is the same, but it has moved to the flight section to the left. The dropdown in the old app has the same list of procedures as the new app, but the list in the new app also has the benefit that you can view/overlay the corresponding chart directly.



Hi Stephan,

thanx for your description. On the example of KORD, I had a landing on the 27L. I remember in the prior version was it possible to display the final (pictur in pink) instead of the dashed purple line. So that at the end all procedures looks like a totaly connected route. In this overview all approaches are display. But I wann see only the on for the 27L. I hope that explanation is a kind of easier to understand :slight_smile: … Might be that this example isn´t the best due to the implemented vectors in the arrival procedures…

Greets klaus

To add the final approach you’ll want to following. I’ll add the steps below each image. Maybe a bit more explanation than needed, but this is also for any possible future readers that stumble upon this.

From the flights panel, make sure that you select both the arrival runway and the arrival. Then right below that click the select button to select the approach.

Next, you can click the label of the approach you want in the map or you can select it from the list on the left. Click the name of the approach to preview it on the map. Finally, click the Add to route button to insert the approach. I’m not sure you can filter for just the runway. It appears to show all runway that are tied to the selected approach.

The map should now look as follows. The reason for the purple dashed line is (the way I understood it) that the arrival ends in a ATC vector line (this would show up as a discontinuity in most flight management systems).

you are great … thanx :slight_smile:

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