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could someone elaborate what the “Scheduled Flight time” is based on? When I generate a flight, it’s usually off by quite a bit compared to the actual flight and block times by more than half an hour, with moderate wind corrections of only 15-20 knots head or tail component during cruise on 2 hour flights. That seems a lot of difference.

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The C25C / CJ4 calculates the scheduled enroute time based (loosely) on LRC. Whereas the default cruise profile that gets selected is MCR (much faster cruise at the expense of fuel burn).

I think it makes sense to base the scheduled time on a more conservative cruising speed, that way if you do want to save a bit of fuel by flying slower, you won’t be 30 minutes late all the time.

Obviously, the real purpose of the scheduled enroute time option is for pilots who are simulating airline flying and want to use the real-world scheduled time on their OFP. For business jets I don’t think it really matters.

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