Dear sirs,

Approaching SBPA when we tune the ILS of Runway 11 at a longer distance we obtain a correct indication on the Prosim Display, 108°.
As you get closer, the ILS heading changes to 109°.
It was observed that in the Prosim MAP of Prosim IOS we have two VORs with the same frequency (110.30), IAG (Obsolete) and the current IPA.
I have little knowledge in this area, but what I could observe is that there is an indication of the Fixed IAG in the BGL files of Prepar3D and that in the BGLs of the Scenario there is not.
I kindly ask you to check if there was a problem with the Airac updates or should it be attributed to another factor in the Databse that is installed?

Attached pictures of the situation.

I am available to provide any other information that is necessary.

Appreciate your attention,

Best Regards

Maury Maia

Prepar3D v4.5
Prosim-AR 737 v3
Airac cycle 2205

thanks for the report but I’m pretty sure that this is a scenery/BGL issue in P3D due old/outdated magnetic variation.

I have checked the ProSim database and we offer 108 degrees as approach course for the ILS 11. We don’t have 109 or any other course. Therefore I assume more a P3D issue because the data are quite old. Sorry


Dear Richard,

Thank you for your prompt response.

Let’s look for the problem within Prepar3D.

Best Regards

Maury Maia

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