LFKJ ILS issue with prosim

Now i have an issue with ILS02 at LFKJ (PESIM) with prosim.
I am the LFKJ dev , i have correctly doen the ILS with magnetic heading 022.
Can you confirm please that in airac2401 the CRS is set to 022 like in charts.


Once again i have a small decay and see CRS= 21 in the MCDU .

I have rebuilded Prosim database and iam sure ILS is ok in the airport scenery.

In waiting i continue investigate but once gain no issues in the Fenix.

I am a little bit lost with all those issues i never had in P3D.

thanks for the help


I can’t say anything about the mag courses because in the ProSim database you have only the true courses. The mag courses will be calculated by ProSim in combination with the sim/scenery.

Hope that helps

Ok now it becomes maybe more clear that I need to contact PROSIM support because ILS in MSFS must be done with Mag heading

Can you please confirm that FENiX youse Mag heading because whatever I do in the airport they are no issues with it never

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