Who's fault!

Have an issue with VTSM Samui airport. All the info is in navigraph. All the info is in simbrief and in the fenix nav data
But (I have an addon scenery) it does not appear on the world map!
Actually you can make it appear by searching for vtsm and all the usual parking and rwy are shown and selectable. But MSFS now thinks they are water rwys and water parking spots!
Probably not flown from vtsm for a couple of months but all used to work fine (including the addon scenery).
Anybody got any suggestions!

sorry, I have overread your posting. May I ask which addon acenery you’re using here?

Thank you
Richard :wink:

Its from wdf avia and is actually pretty good
Still not working correctly. I contacted wdf who said they would look into it, but not joy so far

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Hi again Richard,
thanks for the info - I have tried to buy the scenery but no luck. Therefore I have tried it with another one and here, it looks correct so far - no water runways, do double runways and all terminal procedures are available, as expected:

So, my assumption is, that this has something todo with the scenery itself. Possible they use the wrong airport-reference-point, I don´t know. I haven´t found the scenery somewhere (it´s listed in simmarket, but you can´t buy it from there - not sure why). Sorry, but I don´t see any issue with the navdata here … so I can´t really say “who´s fault” :slight_smile:


This is something that first came up during the SU10 beta. It was very widespread and affected several add-on sceneries. A lot of the dev fixed their sceneries before official release. The dev has to fix this, nothing to do with Navigraph navdata!

[See here]
(KTNP - SU10 - Seen as water airport. Can’t use without a floatplane - Airports - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES)

Thanks for these comments. Its a shame asobo don’t widely share the solution!