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hello all, I searched this topic before hand and i couldnt find the exact answer im looking for. For my msfs to use navigraph navdata centre correctly does it need to be running in the background? i’m not talking about notification of updates but for the sim to actually use thr provided nav data does navdata centre need to be running? thanks.

thanks for your posting. In general yes, you should run it in the background. This small app is using only a few kB of memory and has no impact on the MSFS.

The main reason is, that the sceneries will be ordered correctly thru the Navigraph Navdata Center. So, the priorities will be set correctly with this app.

… on the other side, when you have installed the AIRAC files, or the In-Game-Panel, you don’t really need it till you install any 3rd party scenery.

Hope that helps, when not please ask again :wink:

Thanks for the quick response. Ok in that case I’ve been using it completely wrong. I’ve had 3rd party sceneries since they started coming out for msfs so I guess I should start running NavData centre when playing msfs :joy:

Yep, for someone with 3rd party sceneries it is highly recommended to let the NNC running in the background :+1:


Richard, forgive my ignorance, Sir, but is there a way to get NNC to automatically run when I start up my computer to ensure it is running in the background (translation: so I don’t forget to start it manually)? I “pin to Start” then restarted the computer, but the icon did not reappear in the start menu as through it is running in the background. Thank you.

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