Navigraph hub on secondary pc

I am using Navigraph with MSFS. All is good in game on a single monitor. I wanted to run charts on a second monitor by popping out the Navigraph window but this caused instability and big FPS losses.

I am now running charts on a secondary pc with my monitor on the side and everything is great, moving maps and all the charts etc… but I cannot update the navdata on the secondary computer. Navigraph HUB runs fine on the flight simulator pc but when I try to run HUB on the secondary pc I get the “No simulators detected” message, I suppose because I’m not running the simulator on the secondary pc.

How do I run HUB and update my charts etc. on this secondary computer with no simulator running?

Thank you for your help, Rob


The HUB must installed on the same PC where the sim is installed because the HUB checks the MSFS installation and the installed addons. This tool doesn’t have any local LAN features implemented, as i.e. SimLink.

The HUB does a little bit more than distribute/install the AIRAC files. It checks the correct package order too during, when you install i.e. a new scenery.

But the HUB doesn’t take any resources nor does it need much hard disc space. You can also stop it, running in the background, to safe a view kilobytes of memory when you are short on memory but that’s not our recommended way.

Last, you need the HUB only to update the data but not for the charts. The charts will be updated automatically in the background even when the HUB is not installed or not installed on the same PC.

Hope that helps

That helps a great deal! HUB is working fine on the sim pc and if I understand you correctly I don’t need it for just the charts on my secondary pc.


Correct Rob, you don’t need the HUB for the charts, or any chart update.


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