Navigraph Client

I installed the client and updated MSFS. However, do I need to be running the client with MSFS for it to work?


No, you don’t need it running after you have made the data update. You only need to run it for the actual update procedure.



Thank you, is there a method to check inside the sim if the data, i.e., airways, have been updated? I’m asking this because your client was able to update everything very quickly, within 5 seconds.

In the sim, goto your Profile → Content Manager and look for Navigraph. After that you should see an entry with the current installed cycle.


Thanks, yes it is installed. However, not sure if I should report this here, but the localizer, with frequency 110.7 for KHIO ILS RWY 13R isn’t appearing on the G1000 of the default Cirrus SR22.