ROAH Missing SIDs

ROAH SID cannot be selected.
Is there any solution?

I am using AIRAC Cycle 2108.

no sorry, this is an MSFS issue. The reason is, that the MSFS is outdated - when you select ROAH you see the runways 18L/36R only, but in real ROAH has two runways 18R/L and 36R/L. The problem now is, that when the MSFS can´t assign a terminal procedure to a runway, all procedures (SIDs, STARs) will be suppressed … you see this also in the approaches, because the idents are unknown:


Here the real-world charts:

… and last here you see that the terminal procedures (SIDs/STARs) are included in the MSFS but the MSFS doesn´t shown it due the runway assignment limitation:

Sorry, please report this ASOBO/MS that this airport should be updated …
Thank you,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
Reported to MSFS.

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