ROAH arrival names don't match

at ROAH the arrivals shown in the FMC don’t match the names shown in Charts

ROAH arrivals don't match 2023-07-04


Maybe it is the aircraft . It looks as if you are showing the WT 787? This aircraft may be restricting the arrivals displayed. I see GNSS is required for some of the approaches not displayed. Does the WT 787 have GNSS ?

All approaches are there in the PMDG 737:

and Fenix A320:

So the Navigation Data matches the Charts arrival names.


Yes its the recently updated WT 787. Is there a way I can check the database myself without needing to file a report?

Possible, with any 3rd party tools like LittleNav Map or any bgl reader, but you can’t check it directly.

It’s much more better and faster you ask here. We can look directly into the data and can you give a clear answer without using any converter between (which also can be issue).


I’m seeing the same issue with ROAH departures, showing “SIDS -NONE-”

Are you able to reproduce the issue with the AAU2 updated WT 787-10?

Hi again,
there is a general issue in the MSFS with this airport. ROAH is outdated in MSFS comparing the real-world.

When you look into the MSFS, you only see two runways 18L/36R:

Comparing the real-world, ROAH has four runways 18L/36R and 18R/36L:

The MSFS disables existing terminal procedures which can´t be assigned to a specific runway - not only for the specific runway, the MSFS disables all terminal procedures then. And that has nothing todo with any update or any aircrafts - it´s the core logic in the sim.

No SIDs available:

The same for the STARs but here, there are a few available - all STARs which are valid for ALL runways. Specific STARs to a specific runway are also disabled thru the MSFS

That´s exactly the reason why you only see LAVON, SCUBA and LAFTY because all other STARs are runway specific to 18LR/36LR and these STARs will be suppressed by the MSFS.

… now, when you use a possible available 3rd party scenery for ROAH which includes all runways, you will immediately see all SIDs and STARs in the WorldMap + also in all aircrafts (ie. WT787).

Here I have installed a freeware scenery from - all runways are available:



… and also in B787 FMC:

You see, I have only added the 3rd party scenery, which includes all runways as in the real-world - without any additional installation of data and all terminal procedures are available immediately.

Again, this is a MSFS limitation and there are a lot of outdated airports which missing runways or wrong runway-idents comparing the real-world. In such cases, terminal procedures will be disabled by the sim but you still have it in the data, when you install as an example a 3rd party scenery.

Hope that helps,

Ok thanks, I will double-check the scenery first in future when I encounter this issue.

No probs but in most cases (at least when you identify missing terminal procedures) the reason is an outdated scenery (missing runway and/or runway-idents wrong/outdated).


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