RNAV Queenstown

I am still not entirely clear in how navigraph and msfs work together!
So NZQN RNAV Z rwy 23 is an amazing approach.
The chart is available in navicharts
At last you can now select it in the longitude using the G3000 mod when creating a flight plan manually
But in navicharts you cannot select it as part of a flight plan. Several similar ones can be but not this one,

Hi Richard,
some special procedures are tailored (handmade) in the data. These data are not part of the charts. We are using two different database (for the charts and one for the fms-data). The tailored records are only added in the fms-data database but not in the chart database - therefore you can select it in MSFS (and other addons of sims) but not directly in the chart-application.

Our plan is to merge both databases to one in the future, but at the moment we have so many projects running in parallel, that this (what is only a background task) stay “on hold” at the moment. But again, we have this migration on our tasklist, but I can´t say, when we will start with it and/or when we are finished with it.

So, please excuse this little difference between charts and fms-data for the moment. There are only a few tailored records (NZQN, VHHX, NVVV and a few australien airports - thanks to Martin Steward for this).


Thanks! Main thing is I can see the chart and fly the rnav :smiley:

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