ENRA missing some chart pages

hello i am flight planning to ENRA one of the newly updated bespoke airports in msfs. it seems like there are only charts available for the LOC B and LOC C approaches. There is an NDB DME D approach and also an RNAV A approach listed but they do not have the associated icons to click to bring up the charts. Is this expected?


Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, this is expected. You can verify that we have all the currently available information/charts by checking out the Norwegian AIP yourself over at this website:


In the left-hand menu, select:


Then press “PDF” at the top of the menu. You should be presented with this PDF, which contains all available charts for this airport. You will find the ones you already mentioned, but no others.

I hope that makes things more clear!

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thanks for the reply. but i’m not sure i understand. the RNAV approach that i’m talking about is listed in that pdf you linked me.

could the problem be that in navigraph it is listed as RNAV A but the chart itself is named RNP A?
the nbd approach is also in there, maybe the naming is an issue also, it is listed in charts as NDB DME D but the official chart lists it as NDB-B

it seems that navigraph is aware that all 4 approaches exist but the link to the charts only appears for 2 of them.

here is the link to the RNAV/RNP chart: https://ais.avinor.no/no/AIP/View/127/2023-09-07-AIRAC/pdf/EN-AD-2.ENRA-en.pdf

edit: here is a link with pics of what i’m talking about. it turns out the chart is available if you search the airport directly, but not when going from the ‘approach’ tab on the flight screen. so for a workaround i can pin the chart from the airport search.


Oooh! Sorry I misunderstood you, I thought you meant that we did not have the charts at all! Did not check whether or not they were linked to any procedures. Apologies for the oversight!

Unfortunately, the connection between what we can show you on the map (the navigational data, such as procedures) and the charts isn’t always perfect due to missing source data. This can result in procedures that do not link to any charts. While we do our best to handle such situations, it is not always possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience! To find those charts, you will unfortunately have to look them up manually from the charts list in the airport menu.

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