LXGB RNAV charts missing, other charts from Oct 2018

Good morning,

I’m trying to view the RNAV charts for Gibraltar, but they aren’t included. The other charts listed for it are from October 2018.

Could this be updated to reflect the latest charts?

Thank you.

according the AIP MIL UK, there are no newer charts and also I haven´t found any RNAV procedures. All military and civil approaches are SRA approaches for 09 and 27 and they are uptodate, comparing the AIP. Please can you forward us a reference link (official one) which RNAV procedure you´re missing and/or which are more accurate that we can report this to Jeppesen.

Again, I haven´t found anyone - no RNAV nor outdated chart.

Thanks for your help!

Good morning Richard,

Will certainly see what I can attain through my contacts.

Thank you for the speedy response.


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