RJSZ appears in sim, but not in latest AIRAC Data using Charts

I confirm AIRAC Cycle 2213 Rev 2 is installed. The Sim World Map shows the existence of RJSZ in Japan, but Charts 8 has no results. Charts 8 does show an airfield outline at the location corresponding to the Sim World Map, but no information available. Nearest known navpoint is ELNIS (screenshots below).

Is this a case of an existing entry in the BGL file not matching to live AIRAC data? Thanks!

Hi Amando,
the RJSZ is an outdated airport and the ICAO code doesn´t exist any longer. There are a lot of such not existing or wrong airports in the MSFS. I have the feeling, that ASOBO/WT adapts the real-world data from NavBlue and the FAA, that they fit in the MSFS. There are several examples for this (added none existing transitions, change the terminal procedure with the ALL sign, using outdated or fake ICAO codes, …).

I can´t really believe, that NavBlue has this airport included in their database but anyway, it´s still not existing and shouldn´t be selectable. The airport in our chart comes (I guess) from an open source but I will forward this to our charts-team to check this and possible to remove this airport also on the chart-map - but it´s still not selectable in the charts, so you can´t create a flight from-to this old/outdated ICAO code.

Here a list from the AIP Japan, which airports exist:


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Ah the joys and difficulties of Big Data. :+1: Thanks Richard for your detailed answer as always, and belated Happy New Year to you and the team!

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Absolutely - for both: MSFS and us :slight_smile:

Happy New Year :fireworks: to you too and thanks for your support in the past year … hopefully also 2023 :wink:

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