MSFS + Simbrief + Navigraph - missing airports

Hello together.

This is a copy&paste from the same topic in Simbrief forum where i dont get an answer. Maybe you can answer it better. Basically the answer for the question who is the person to talk to about this matter already would help.

I cannot thank you enough for Simbrief, its one of the best additions flightsim could have.

This beeing said, now with MSFS it seems that many airports are missing in Simbrief flightplan-creation. I have the latest AIRAC from NG but this still is the case.

Im not sure if i direct this to the right persons or if i should better tell this to Navigraph (not sure if the AP database is fully dependent on NG). I also have NG beta installed into MSFS.

Latest example is WABT in Indonesia but many others. Yesterday alone i went into 4 or 5 airports that are in MSFS but not in Simbrief+Navigraph with latest DB.

Is there any chance one can solve this problem?


Some more i will add as soon i find them:

  • YEPR (Papua NG)

Servus Alexander,
ASOBO/MS added the airports/runways from the satellite images of Bing Map and not from an official source (or in a combination, I don´t know). Therefore you have more airports (ie. YEPR) or in some areas missing airports in MSFS (ie. EDDS).

The reason why are such small airports are not in the AIRACs are, that they are missing in the country AIPs also. When you look into the Australian Airservice (which is the AIP for Australia), you will find nothing about Epenerra (YEPR), which is located in the middle of Australia (north of Alice Springs).

So, when such airports are not in the AIP (or the countries doesn´t offer any information, then the data provider can´t add it. SimBrief uses now exactly the same source from us. SimBrief doesn´t important any airports from the sims (FSX, P3D or the new MSFS). Therefore you will also not find it in SimBrief.

Again, these airports are missing because the countries/government of these countries doesn´t offer any public information for that.

Hope that helps,

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Servus :slight_smile: And thanks a lot for the explanation!