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Hi. How do I know the Airac Ive downloaded has updated FS2020? Ive also tried to update FSTramp, vut its putting the Airac in a different folder to the install. Very confused.

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Please see FAQ - Is the Navigraph Navdata for MSFS Installed?.

Please be more specific about FSTramp issue.


Thanks for the reply.
FSTramp is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\FSTramp
Navigator wants to install Airac in C:\ProgramData\FSTramp.

Does this matter?


That is correct.

c:\ProgramData\FSTramp\NavData\readme.txt states:

> Installation of AIRAC cycles for FSTramp by external companies <

AIRAC cycle updates are stored in this folder; in the subfolder “Proc”
the airport procedures.

After installing an AIRAC upgrade, the FSTramp database must be updated
with the Scenery Assembler. FSTramp upgrades do not overwrite or change
the contents of these folders.

Make sure you run FSTramp Scenery Assembler after updating the AIRAC.


Thanks again for your reply.
I`ve followed your link to check is Airac is installed in FS2020, and all checks out. Missing airports, MS profile etc.

As for FSTramp. I found the section in the manual that you found, about where the progs are installed. I reinstalled, but still nothing, so I contacted FSTramp support.
It seems Airacs are not supported as yet.
I had to edit the content.xml file and recompile the scenery assembler to get missing VORs back.

Thanks again.

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