FAQ - Is the Navigraph Navdata for MSFS Installed?

Hi Team,

If you are wondering if the Navigraph Navdata for MSFS is installed:

  1. The Navigraph Navdata Center should show the current installed Navigraph Navdata Cycle with the Remove button:

  1. In MSFS Worldmap if you see the additional waypoints over the north Atlantic shown as dots circled in red, then you have also installed our database. To see those waypoints, on World Map\Open Filters set FIX & RNAV POSITION REPORT to ON.

  1. To check if the Navigraph Navdata for MSFS was successfully installed, in World Map or FMC/MCDU, if you can select one of the airports missing from MSFS database but provided by Navigraph then you have successfully installed the Navigraph update. Examples are LTFM and ZBAD

  2. In MSFS → Profile → Content manager → look for Navigraph you should see this entry, which will be updated automatically when a new cycle/revision is installed:



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