MSFS Airac version possibly not correct and odd "Data" folder not installed

I noticed something odd with MSFS tonight which may be related to AIRAC and I’d be grateful of any insight/pointers.

In Content Manager I noticed an item showing as Uninstalled “DATA
I don’t know what that is nor recognise it as part of any additions I’ve made. If I try to select that item in the usual way to install it, I can’t as the option does not appear.

Then I had a look around, and in my \Community\Data\NavData folder there is a Navigraph content, perhaps coincidence of course, but when I looked at the files one is named cycle_info.txt and that references AIRAC 2401, 25.1.24-22.2.24 with mentions of Navigraph, so I am presuming this may be the area that updates from Navigraph Hub.

So I checked my Navigraph Hub (sub is active, just renewed)
In the Simulator Base Packages it shows Airac 2402 Rev.1 installed.
I removed and re-ran the update from the Hub, it reports back with current Airac but the content in that Community folder does not update. Incidentally file datestamps are 17.1.24.

Based on what I found in that cycle_info.txt file in \Community\Data\NavData is it possible something has gone amiss with the update?

Or…am I looking in the wrong location in the sim to confirm Airac version?

it just seems odd I have that issue with something called Data not being installed, and in a folder called Data, the Airac reference seems incorrect.

Hope that makes sense, and you can offer some pointers.

Well I’ve half solved it, sortof. After some more digging I came across another forum post which described how Content Manager “sees” Navigraph Airac. Checking that it does show Airac 2402 Rev.1 (version 1.24.2) So I guess that means Navigraph is ok in my sim.

But I’m still puzzled by the other Navigraph data I found in \Community\Data\NavData (which shows different info) and even more puzzled by the odd “Data” content that is apparently not installed. Oh just because it was the last major update to my installation, I blew the Dune content away…and that Data entry still shows :thinking:

Hi @DaveR2017,

It looks as if that Data folder belongs to the Aerosoft CRJ add-on. I am not sure how it ended up there, but you can safely delete it :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


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Hi m4rkus thanks for the swift answer! Yes that is odd, but I’m glad you could recognise it. As it happens I looked a little further as it was related to \Community and fired up MSFSAddonsLinker. I used that to text search for “Data” and it identified the same folder but with some error against a JSON file - which I’m not that familiar with. I deleted the folder structure, and MSFS did not complain, with the odd Content Mgr entry gone.

For interest, I just recovered that folder/contents and had another look. There’s a “cycle.json” file of 1kb only. I opened it up and the contents are “{“cycle”:“2401”,“revision”:“1”,“name”:“Aerosoft CRJ Professional”}” which fits with your reply. It doesn’t mean a great deal to me but thought I’d share. All that said, Navigraph Hub shows the CRJ as happily up to date too.

Thanks again!

Great :slight_smile: If it happens again please notify us and we will investigate it further…

Kind regards,


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