Request of adding Barentsburg Heerodden Heliport (ENBA) and Pyramiden Heliport (ENPY) to the Navdata and Simbrief

Dear Navigraph Team,

on the island of Svalbard (Norway) are 2 heliports: Barentsburg Heerodden Heliport (ENBA) southwest of Longyearbyen and Pyramiden Heliport (ENPY) northeast of Longyearbyen. Unfortunately both are not included in the Navdata and Simbrief yet. May you add them afterwards, as they are missing?

Barentsburg Heliport (ENBA) coordinates: 78° 6′ 2″ N, 14° 11′ 46″ E / 78.100556, 14.196111
Pyramiden Heliport (ENPY) coordinates: 78° 39′ 8″ N, 16° 20′ 13″ E / 78.652222, 16.336944


HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for your request …

I´m sorry, but we need more as only the Heliport coordinates to add such information in all our applications … A heliport is one part, but each heliport has (like an airport/runway) a helipad - each helipad has coordinates, special markings, a elevation, magnetic variation, … a lot of such stuff which we need to add it in our databases. Also, we need such tailored records in a special format (standard ARINC424 text-format) - again only the coordinates aren´t enough … sorry.

But when you can offer us, both heliports in such format, you can be sure, that we can add it because this format includes all necessary information for us.

Hope that helps,

@NAVData here is the needed data for you:

Barentsburg Heliport (ENBA) coordinates: 78° 6′ 2″ N, 14° 11′ 46″ E / 78.100556, 14.196111
Pyramiden Heliport (ENPY) coordinates: 78° 39′ 8″ N, 16° 20′ 13″ E / 78.652222, 16.336944

RWY ENBA: 09/27 90 m/295 ft Surface: Concrete
RWY ENPY: Unspecified 90m/295 ft Surface: Gravel

ENBA: 92 m / 25 ft AMSL
ENPY: 2 m / 6 ft AMSL

Magnetic Variation:
ENBA: Declination: +10° 13’ (Positive East) Inclination: 82° 22’ Magnetic field strength: 55050.7 nT
ENPY: Declination: +12° 0’ (Positive East) Inclination: 82° 40’ Magnetic field strength: 55206.4 nT

ENBA: NONE (Only 1x Apron 315 by 105 ft , 1x connecting Taxiway 26 ft wide, 1x RWY 09/27 295 by 69 ft No markings available)
ENPY: NONE (Only 1x Apron 300 by 130 ft, 1x connecting Taxiway, 1x RWY Unspecified 300 by 130 ft No markings available)

Night Operations:
Available for both


Airport Type:
Both Private/Military (Restricted to russian territory owned by Arcticugol)

ATC Coverage:
ENBA: Uncontrolled (ENOB_CTR)
ENPY: Uncontrolled (ENOB_CTR)


Parking positions: Unspecified for both, RWY and taxiway merged together to the apron without markings)

ATIS/METAR: INOP (Not active for both)

ENBA: Barentsburg Heliport, Heerodden - Wikipedia
ENPY: Pyramiden Heliport - Wikipedia

and thanks again for this information but as I have written before, we need this data in a special format (standard ARINC424 format). We don´t have the resources to “transfer” such analog information into a digital format. Also, to verify the data we need official aviation references - Wikipdia, Skyvector or Windy are good basic information platforms but not comparable with official AIPs and therefore not useable for such a project.

Check the ARINC424 format and you will see how many fields are necessary, which information you need to implement such tailored records. It´s a lot more …

Sorry, we can´t add it without using this worldwide standard format ARINC424.


@NAVData How can I put this kind of data into an ARINC424 format which you can use, and where can I get it from? And how to fill it out?

The ARINC424 format is a plain-text file format, so you only need a notepad or similar else to write the records in this special format. But I´m honest, it´s difficult for someone, without any knowledge to add such records in this special format because you must also understand the whole structure of this standard-format.

But it´s possible, that you have any background knowledge …

For more information and how such records looks like:

Hope that helps,

I’m sorry but it is too complicated for me as you already mentioned above. You need a lot of background knowledge and also some coding experience to do that. Is it possible that you could add these 2 heliports with their location only to Simbrief, so you can plan your flights there? There aren’t any official charts anyway, also there are no navigation aids available, and both heliports are also not equipped with any ATIS/Metar station, and there is also no Tower or anything similiar. (2 uncontrolled heliports, with no services provided, and inactively left behind from former soviet times). The heliports are still in use today, and also used by military and civillian helicopters, but without any services.

No, thats not possible sorry. We are using one global database for all our apps and the datasets for our exports.


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