Missing procedures at ENSB

I’m at a loss here… ENSB is missing all procedures (except rnav A approach) because msfs runways (10-28) and navigraph runways (airac 2403: 09-27) don’t match… From other posts about missing procedures I take it asobo is in the wrong here, but after a lot of digging around I can only find runways 10-28 (Google Earth, Google airport data, videos, Photos, anywhere). The only place where I find runways 09-27 is in the charts/procedures on navigraph? Is navigraph wrong here (doesn’t look likely) or has something changed that the internet hasn’t caught up yet. And more importantly, how to fix it? :slight_smile:

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You can trust Jeppesen :slight_smile: … the runway-idents at ENSB are 09-27. SAT-images, none official aviation sides, partly Wikipedia, … are not always a good reference. The one and only is normally the AIP of the country, in this case Norway and here you find following:

So, the runway idents are official 09-27. The MSFS is outdated (as approx. 300 airports too). The only solution to fix this problem is, to report this to MS/ASOBO because also in the new World-Hub you can´t easily change the runway idents only. We also may not change it.

Sorry for that not so good new to your first posting here …

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Thanx! I was sort of expecting this to be the case… :wink: Hopefully the world hub will be released to the public soon so the community can fix these things a little more easily. Thanx and happy Easter!

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You can try this objects.bgl (79.1 KB)
Put it in Official\OneStore\microsoft-airport-ensb-svalbard\scenery\microsoft\Svalbard-Airport replacing the old one objects.bgl (make a backup to be safe).
That works with the Navigraph navdata and updates the runway numbers.

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