Airport ENHA missing in Simbrief

When I try to create flight in simbrief from ENHA to ENGM I get this error:


Navigraph also can’t find the airport, although it is visible on the map

However, the airport exists ( It exists on FlightRadar24 and wikipedia still lists it as ENHA

we also have ENHA as airport in our database but the main issue here is, that there are no runway-records available in the source. It looks like, this is a private airport, so it´s possible that the owner of this airport doesn´t report a correct runway-record to the country and therefore we have only the airport ref point coordinates in our database.

For flightplanning and for using this airport in any simulator and/or addon you need at least one runway to an airport. Only the airport isn´t enough and you can´t use it … therefore the error message.


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