[REQ] Multiple airport ICAO's missing for Thailand


Good day from Sunny Thailand Richard!

Would it be possible to add the following Thailand based airports? At least the ICAO for Simbrief, as they are avaiulable per default in MSFS and I’m currently busy creating scenery for them, as part of a VFR Tour thru Thailand. Ideally for Airac 2306 if it can still fit in :wink:

The missing ones are:

  • VTCO
  • VTPU
  • VTV8
  • VTOK
  • VTPK
  • VTKA
  • VTPA
  • VTZ4
  • VTBN
  • VTT5
  • VTSW

These are all active airports in Thailand and also the most popular ones for real flights in Thailand to fly to. Feel free to let me know if you require anything more like Airport name or maybe runway length?

Thanks (again) :heart: :pray:

Hi Hunter,
the problem here is, that none of the listed airports are part of the AIP Thailand and therefore missing. Normally, civil aircraft’s are not permitted to land at any aerodrome which are not listed in the AIP (except in case of real-emergency or when special permission has been granted - like special national airlines).

Here the official airport-list from the AIP Thailand:

To add records in our database, we need such more information, such more details as the airport name or the runway idents, lengths, … I have now looked around to find such information but negative, I haven´t found any real-world sources for it …

Sorry, but without such real-world information/details - we can´t add anything to avoid reducing the good and real data quality from Jeppesen. Jeppesen is our primary vendor, we are happy with it and we trust the data to 100% - we may not add data, without such checks against the real-world. Sorry for that but good luck with your project …


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