Indian Airport Data is Missing

Hi Navigraph

I am from India & I have renewed my Yearly subscription for 2nd time. It is very SAD to find you don’t have required data for all Indian airports. Domestic we will talk later but even international airports data is also missing.

I am paying you same amount monthly and yearly as anyone else is paying who lives in Europe or USA or UK but you also know there is not much data for Indian airports as much as you have for other regions/countries mentioned above.

It seems you don’t care rest of the world specially Asian region. I renewed my yearly subscription in hope this time I will see all airports of India or you will start adding that data.

Now it seems you have subscription for whole world but don’t care about all your subscribers from Asian reasons.

You are doing the same mistake as MSFS is doing by ignoring Indian community. If we spent we don’t care how much we have to spent but we should like that product. You guys never tried to attract Indian community. Please relegalize you have very high potential in India.

Understand it please and provide us full service.

We are paying you same amount as anyone else is paying who are getting even small to small airport data info.

We are paying you what you have asked but in return there is lot of data missing in return. At least you can provide all those airport which are normal domestic and international commercial airports.

Please do the needful ASAP.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


We can only offer what we get and in the same situation are the source data-provider. The data provider gets the data from the country. So, when the country doesn´t offer any specific data you will not find it in the official public data source. That has nothing to do with willingness/completeness or similar else.

A second reason could be a security and/or language (for example in the Chinese areas ). Some countries don´t offer all data by design. Also here, we (and/or the data provider) can’t do anything for that.

So to check if the data are really missing, you should check it again in the AIP India. When the AIP India doesn´t offer these data, the data are not existing.

To help you in this case, please give me 2-3 example airports, which you are missing or what you are missing there. Than I can check it for you …

Thank you,

PS: … and by the way - for a full testing our products, subscribe to an Ultimate plan monthly and cancel it immediately. So you have the data and charts for one month, can test if it´s fitting for you and can decide if its ok or not. In this case, you pay only the one month …

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