Airports in Hawai'i that are in MSFS, but SimBrief doesn't recognize

Hi! Just wanted to drop a note and let you SimBrief folks know about some airports in Hawai’i and the surrounding area that are in MSFS, and are active (paved) airports, but not in SimBrief. I have data on the grass / dirt runways, but I will omit them for now.

  • HI01 (Princeville Airport in Hanalei on Kaua’i)
  • HI13 (Pu’u Wa’a Wa’a Ranch in Kailua-Kona on Hawai’i Island)
  • HI23 (Mountain View Airstrip in Mountain View on Hawai’i Island)
  • HI25 ( Kaalaiki Airstrip in Naalehu on Hawai’i Island)
  • HI46 (HI 23 Airstrip (weird name) in Puhi on Kaua’i)

(To all the sim pilots - that link is to a Google Sheets document of all the MSFS2020 airports in Hawai’i and within 1,000nm of PHNL.)

thanks for your posting - just to clarify, the “missing” airports are not part of the ICAO … there are only an IATA code existing but not real ICAO code. In the ARINC database you find only airports with a full qualified ICAO code because this code is a kind of “key” in the data.

As an example how this “key” works:
You have the airport ICAO and the IATA code in the airport records, but in the runway, localizer/gs, … records you find only the airport ICAO code. So when the airport ICAO code is missing you have no reference to the runway, nor to any other facilities.

Additional to this, all of these airports are “private” with partly a few restrictions (ie. only for resident tour operator, owner desires airport not be charted, airport used for fertilizer and herbicide application, …).

… and last but not least, please don´t trust the MSFS airports too much. There are a lot! of outdated/not existing airports - you have one in your list also HI13 doesn´t exist any longer.


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Ahhh, thank you for the reply / education. Now that you mention ICAO vs IATA, it makes sense.

And as for HI13, you are absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing that out, I will update my Google Sheet on that.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work over there! :slight_smile:

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