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Hello NG Team,

I’m a long time simmer and airline pilot, with a passion for accuracy and history. I regularly operate into and out of Kai Tak. As such at the moment I have gathered a lot of reference files and programs to keep operations into the airport current and relevant.

The first item I would like to ask of the team is if we can amend the current TopCat data for the airport.

I have twice over poured over old AIP files and tried to comprehend the runway declared distances. It is a pretty convoluted setup, but I believe I have it nailed down. The current declared distances for both runways are incorrect for example. The runway length for runways 13 and 31 are swapped. In it, RWY 13 is shorter than 31. Actually they have implemented a shorter than physical length TORA for RWY 31 due to proximity of the hills and obstacles. RWY 13 except for a very short stopway at its end, is almost the full physical length.
So I have fixed all of these, carefully added all intersection options for both runways and added an expanded obstacle database for runway 31, together with an updated engine out profile.
As it is now, the only way to successfully have my data together with a new cycle is to modify the tdb file for personal use. However I want to share my findings and data for the benefit of the community. I have the data here in the form of an airport export, but will wait on the NG team to react to see if they will accept my updated data as a possible source for subsequent cycles.

Kind Regards,


G’day Xander, I am the author of the tailored data that is used for Kai Tak . Is it possible to PM me so we can review what you have created in view of an update? Regards Martin

Just arrived back to home base,

will PM you tomorrow. Thanks for reading :+1:t3:


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