Rename Files of Exported FP through downloader


Is there a way I can rename a file export type to a certain method?

For example under the FSX/P3D → Loading it into my P3D5 file but its showing as an FSX saved file?

Anyway to rename it to a custom name or string i.e KORDKMCO01_P3Dv5.pln instead of KORDKMCO01_FSX_17FEB2022.pln?

Thanks again in advance

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Hi, currently there is no way to rename it through the SimBrief Downloader. Perhaps in a future update.

That being said, the file name should not prevent loading the .pln file in P3D. P3D uses essentially the same format as FSX did, which is why the download is named “FSX/P3D”.

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Okay thank you for the feedback. Hopefully that Custom feature can be available in the future.

its just neat to organize the files and save them with similar naming structures :slight_smile:

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