Option in Simbrief Downloader to not append date to MSFS flightplan filename

Currently, when the Simbrief Downloader saves flightplans for MSFS 2020, it always names the file something like CYOWKBOS_MFS_22May22.pln. This causes several files to accumulate as we plan the same route multiple times over a length of time.

It would be nice to have an option to say you don’t want the date added to the file name so it would simply be called CYOWKBOS.pln for example. This way it would overwrite existing versions just like it already does for other formats.

Hi, thanks, I will add this for a possible future update.

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How about a FS2020 option to choose .rte flight plan type. Cannot use .pln flight plans in PMDG FMS.


Hi Rob,


Please see FAQ - Exporting SimBrief flight plans to PMDG 737 for MSFS