Change file names in Simbrief downloader

Hello all,

Perhaps it has been asked before, if so I apologize.

I really liek the ease of use of tools like the simbrief downloader because they make life a lot easier. It takes away a lot of the unnecessary clicking. There is just one vital feature missing in the downloader and that is the ability to customize the titles of the files I can download/export in the simbrief downloader. I come from PFPX and with them discontinuing, I am chaning over to simbrief. So far so good and I like what I see, however, I already have a quite extensive list of files and a naming structure. I really find it a shame that I cannot change that within the downloader.

Is this something that can be ammended?

Thanks in advance.

Daniel W.
SWVA pilot

Thanks, this is on the to-do list, but it’s more of a long term update unfortunately.

Best regards,

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