*pln is not downloading

Hi, Why I have no *pln file in the selected folder when I using downloader. Only downloading PDF format. Can you help me out pelase.

I’m not sure, but I see you are exporting to the OneDrive folder. This has caused issues for other users in the past.

Instead of exporting to C:\Users\<username>\OneDrive\Documents\..., try exporting to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\...

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Thanks for the info. I created 3 folder into
C:\windows \ user\ xxx \ Docu \ Folder: pdf >> pln >> vfp.
The PLN file format is saving in pdf format (see attach pixs).
How can change this format from pdf > to “PLN” format? Actually I don’t have any PLN file to upload into FS 2020.

I just find it out. The PLN file properties the icon pdf instead of pln. How can I change this icon. Also when I use SimBreif Downloader, the program why does not downloads .pln file format?

When I went back to the Claud\document folder, one of the same flight with pdf icon is not pdf, it is pln.

Thanks for your quick respond. I saved the download file into \windows\document and still not working. The *pln file still show pdf icon and I dont know how have to changed that.

Thank to all, I find the solution. I have to change the app Icon image to notepad from pdf.
-safe flights