Removing Navigraph AIRAC from community folder breaks in-game ATC

When trying to troubleshoot a CTD problem I removed everything from the community folder to troubleshoot. What I discovered was that once the Navigraph folder is removed ATC reverts to UNICOM option only even for controlled aiprots. Tried a number of airports including KDFW, CYYZ, and multiple aircraft types.

Hi Talia,
you must remove the dataset via the Navigraph Installer. This is very!! important because the installer do more as onky copying files.

So, DON’T move/delete the “navigraph-navdata” folder manually, only via the Navigraph Installer. When you do this, you will have no problem.

So, install the dataset again and remove it immediately again, then all is back as normal. Please be sure, you have the latest beta-installer (version 23) installed.

Thank you!


Hello Richard,

I also (by accident) removed the navigraph map in the community folder. To repair i removed the airac first and then uninstall the beta app. I reinstall the beta app and install the new airac 2102. I presume that all will works fine now. Is that right?

Yes Johan, that should be set all to normal. From this point on, when you remove the AIRAC dataset, the sim uses the default/stock one.

So, the procedure was absolutely right. Thanks!

Thx Richard for your quick reaction

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Thanks, Richard.

I think I hadn’t updated the beta-installer to the latest version, or I missed that the button said remove. Lesson learned, make sure I’m not dealing with too much blood in the caffeine stream.

Thanks again.

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