A320 Neo V2 not using AIRAC nav data

I’ve installed Navigraph hub, installed AIRAC Cycle.

Content.xml shows

Community Folder is empty.

Still A20N will not load AIRAC nav data.

thanks for your posting. Just to be sure, you mean the stock A320 neo v2 … So no 3rd party aircraft? Is this correct?


Tengo el mismo problema, alguien que ayude

In english please …


yes stock a320 Neo v2, no third party.

Thanks - please check, if all your packages in your community folder are not outdated and are 100% compatible with the current sim-version. I would recommend to move all packages somewhere outside of the community folder, excluding the navigraph-folder. After that, try it again please …

It should work, we have no influence on the ident page - this data comes from the bgls which we provide and the bgls are correct so far. I have tested it on my system now and here the dates are correct set on the same page:



I’ve nothing installed in community directory, navigraph is not in community directory either.

… and where are the navigraph folder then? They must be in the community folder because the MSFS reads the data from this location.

Also, the Hub installs the files into this location. I’m wondering where the files are now on your system.

It looks a little bit a mess … I would recommend to fix this first, before you continue.


Yeah, I installed MSFS from XBOX app on PC, it should be using below dir
but that’s empty.

I see navigraph-navdata.dat and navigraph-navdata-base.dat in below folder

MSFS in content manager do show both above as installed

Possible you have select a custom community folder during the installation, which would explain why your default community folder is empty.

There is a ‘useropt.cfg’ file in ‘%localAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache’ folder. You can open this file with a simple notepad, scroll down on the last line and here you have a path … This is your community path what the MSFS is using.

Can you upload this file here please?

Thank you

I dont have useropt.cfg but instead have UserCfg.opt file, My installation is in E:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content and there is community folder in it

UserCfg.opt (3.5 KB)

It looks correct and when you also see the packages in the MSFS content manager, you can be sure that the data are loaded correctly.

As a check, open any other stock aircraft like the normal A320 or the 787 and check the FMC ident page …

Does this show the correct dates?


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