Release notes - Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 and Other MSFS Addons

:airplane: AIRAC 2103 (2021-03-27) - revision 1:

  • fixed a bug in the installer to identify the right local user and the correct location (Steam, Marketstore, Marketplace)

:white_check_mark: Requirements:

  • MSFS version and above

:question: How to install/update this dataset:

  1. Quit the simulator, if running
  2. goto our webpage
  3. click on “Your Account” (top-right corner on your username)
  4. left side under “Downloads” → “FMS Data”
  5. open the “FMS Data Manual Installation” drop down
  6. look for “Aerosoft CRJ Professional” and click on the “Windows”-button
  7. run the downloaded setup, select the correct simulator “Microsoft Flight Simulator” and let the installer do the rest
  8. close the installer, run the simulator and enjoy

:100: Recommendation:
For the best compatibility with all the systems (sim, addons, flightplanning) it is highly recommended to update the MSFS also with the latest AIRAC cycle to be in sync with the in-game WorldMap/Flightplanner, the ATC and external flightplanning tools like SimBrief

:newspaper: Side note:
As described, this is currently only available as a manual installer but will soon be added to our Navigraph Updater also, that you need to use only one application in the future to update all your systems.

AIRAC 2102 (2021-03-22) - revision 4:

  • build new installer, to detect the correct data location (Marketplace/Webshop)

AIRAC 2102 (2021-03-16):

  • Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 added