Need help with Aerosoft CRJ and FMS Data Manager

The good news is that I think I’m good to go for AIRAC 2105. The bad news is that I also think I completely screwed up my settings and might have issues when 2106 comes around. Can anyone give me some guidance here? I’m even willing to go as far as to connect with whomever and give you remote control of my PC to fix it, though I want to observe so that if I mess it up again, I’ll know what to do to fix it! But not messing it up would be even better!

I’m not even sure what happened, it seemed to go so smoothly installing 2105, and then I clicked the wrong box somewhere and the wheels came off.

This is for Windows.

Hi Kevin,
for which sim want you update the Aerosoft CRJ. I assume for MSFS, right? :grin:

You assume correctly, kind sir…


Ok, for the MSFS addons (now and in the future also), you don´t need the FMS Data Manager. The plan is, to add the MSFS addons also in the current MSFS updater and we are still working on it.

In the meantime, to update the AS CRJ, you must use the installer from the webpage. You find more details about the installation and where you find the installer here:

Please let me know, when you need more … we help where we can :wink:


PS: the FMS Data Manager is ONLY for FS9, FSX, P3D and XP10, XP11 sim versions :wink:

That would be great. The only better thing would be for it to happen automagically… (hint, hint…) Any ETA for that to be good to go, at least in some sort of beta form?

As far as downloading directly from the website, am I correct in my interpretation that simply running the executable from the link you mentioned, in this case the 2105 navdata will be installed where it needs to be? Meaning when 2106 comes around, that’s all I have to do? That ALMOST feels like cheating.

I also have Little NavMap (which I have yet to learn to use), pilot2ATC (which I DO use), and Sim ToolkitPro v0.4, which I have zero clue why I have or if I actually need it, but those work just fine with the Data Manager. It’s just the CRJ that’s been a thorn in my side.


Yes, the Aerosoft CRJ Professional for MSFS is updated using Release notes - Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 and Other MSFS Addons .

You need to rerun that for each AIRAC cycle.


Thank you, that looks like an elegant solution that can only be bested by…

Well, you know, I already said.

BTW, I noticed an error in your data, you’re missing an entire runway (34) from RKSI in Seoul… And my dumb ass was about to say I have charts if you need them… Um, duh. I got them from YOU!!! :rofl:


Sorry, but I can´t reproduce it - I have looked into the MSFS AS CRJ now and I can select the runway 34.



The runway is missing in MSFS yes, but that´s an ASOBO issue … we may not add/change runways in existing default airports. Runway 16/34 is completely missing in the default MSFS airport. The MSFS AS CRJ don´t use the in-game data, this addon uses a own data-format. So please report this to ASOBO. As you see, we have the runway in our data.

Thank you,

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