Reinstalling a previous AIRAC cycle

Hello- As I understand, any particular AIRAC cycles you have access to at the time you are subscribed are able to still be used in Simbrief and the sim even after you do not have an active subscription.

My question is how can these inherited AIRAC cycles be reinstalled to the sim, and for example PMDG’s FMCs if I were to uninstall / reinstall MSFS? It seems the navdata manager ceases to work without a sub, so how would I go about reinstalling these particular AIRACs?




As per FAQ - Previous Navigraph AIRAC Cycles, We only keep the current cycle on the server, and if you have an active subscription, you may download.

It isn’t a matter of inheriting or a right. When you download an AIRAC you can use that from then on. If you delete it say by an uninstall/reinstall of MSFS, that AIRAC data is gone from your computer. If you have a subscription you can download the latest AIRAC cycle.


Understood, however is there a way to save or archive that specific (even outdated) AIRAC cycle data prior to uninstalling the sim and reapplying it back after a new install? Thank you for the quick reply.


You could backup and theoretically restore:

This is unsupported , and not recommended. One of the reasons is MS/ASOBO makes regular changes in the bgl structure via SUs or WUs and we and you can’t guarantee that older/outdated navdata files will work with newer sim versions, or after a reinstall of MSFS.


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