Refund unsatisfied subscriber


On your site in the terms and conditions I read:

Navigraph Terms of Service

2.4. Refunds and Right to Withdraw
In the unlikely event of an erroneous Subscription charge we will, of course, correct any mistakes. Subject to the foregoing, however, due to that fact that the Services consist of you gaining access to Data immediately upon signing up for a Subscription, Navigraph does not offer any refunds or any right to withdraw and by accepting these Terms you hereby expressly waive (to the extent permitted by applicable law) any right to withdraw and/or refunds.

Reading this post above, my question came to mind, is how is it with tmi refunds for an unsatisfied subscriber, is it possible or not? From the post it seems that there is such a possibility and from the terms and conditions that there is not!!!


We have that in our ToS as we need to reserve the right to refuse refunding since these are digital goods that are delivered on payment.

Having said that, we have a flexible and forthcoming handing of individual cases. If you want a refund because of compatibility issues, problems (ideally with some attempt to remedy with support), or because you made the purchase in error, we are open to refunding. We don’t force users into a subscription they do not want.

So, if you are not satisfied, contact account support.



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