Redundant Navigraph Login

Navigraph is installed and works just fine. Once X-plane begins and I query any info provided by Navigraph, it all works just fine and I am logged in.

This is my issue:

When I initially start X-Plane, a Navigraph login dialog box appears. If I click login here, a second instance of X-plane starts after verification.

To get around this I just close-out this dialog box and let the first instance continue.

This initial login dialog seems redundant?

I cannot see/find how or where this login dialog is being initiated. Where/what can I set to stop launching this start-up login prompt?



Any chance you are using Firefox? If so please see FAQ - Firefox may start an app when Simlink Starts


Thanks Ian, yes that did stop the subsequent launching of a second instance of X-Plane!

Curious though, when I had launched X-Plane previously, navlink would have been already been connected or, I would simply login inside the AVITab.

No biggy . . . I just question the initial need for a login box when, once in X-Plane, it will have already (most of the time) logged you in?

Assuming this is from Simlink, make sure you have Start Simlink on system startup ticked