Any Hope Updating Flight 1 GNS 750?

I purchased the GNS 750 from Flight 1, and afterward I found that the only way navdata is updated is via Garmin Trainer app updates that don’t happen frequently enough,

I was surprised that F1 didn’t interface to the standard FMS format navdata. I think Flight 1 really blew this, besides the issue with updating navdata, is truly a remarkable piece of software.

Any ideas? I may end up buying the F1 B200 with the G1000 because NaviGraph supports it.



Did you mean RealityXP GTN 750 from Flight1? The RealityXP GTN 750 is not supported for Navigraph AIRAC updates.

Please see Exporting flightplans into gtn 750 - #5 by stephen and Xplane11 Version 11.50r1 How do I update database for GTN750


Thanks for the reply!

I know it can’t be updated. I don’t understand how Flight1 could sell a product like this where you can’t update the Nav Data. There should have been a disclaimer. It relies on the Garmin trainer database updates. Huge over-site in my eyes.

They did a fantastic job with simulating the GTN!

I would think this product would be discontinued…


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