Illegible message on the routing

I saw this message pop up on an old out of date plan, but I could not read it. Had to open magnifier and strain to see it. Red on black is not very good for contrast. Some of the airport names in VFR are light green and also very difficult to see against the VFR base map.

Using Charts Desktop on 35 inch ultrawide monitor 1440p

Anyone else noticing this?



Looking at this is more detail, I observe that increasing the “scaling” under settings to 125% helped a lot with the airports names being more visible and readable, but the bar at the top of the map where the route is displayed in pills is not scalable. Would be great if that was scalable to for user vision accommodation so one could see it better. Also oddly if one starts way out and zooms in on the VFR map the colors like of the airport names and icons actually change from faded green to more dark green with better contrast.



We’ll definitely look at the red-on-black text, not ideal I agree.

We are also reviewing the green VFR color.

We’ll consider making an option for UI scaling too. If you are using the web verison you can use the browser zoom option to scale the UI, maybe it works for you.



I tried the web version, and the route pills line bigger as you said. I could use that in the interim when planning at least. The desktop version somehow is much crisper for some reason and I prefer that for overall impression to the web. Perhaps just scaling up the pill route line a bit would be OK. Don’t know how hard that would be to do.

Out of interest, I wonder what the overall impact of the new Charts version would be if you changed the Route, Airports, to same fonts on a lighter background or made that user selectable as well regarding night or day mode. Right now it appears to be in permanent night mode. LOL there may be some psychological impact of dark mode on impressions of the product. I realize its all a matter of preference though.