Radar Missing

I just started a flight from PANC to KJFK and all the categories are functioning with the exception of the radar. Has anyone else noticed that?


Hi Andy,
what do you nean with “radar missing”? What radar do you mean (I assume the weather radar but this would be an addon issue rather a Navigraph issue)?

Further, you posted in the Navigraph Hub category and I’m unsure what issue do you have now.

Please explain your issue in more detail.

Thank you

Hi Richard,
Sorry for posting in the wrong spot. Normally when I start a flight after creating in simbrief and I start X-plane when I select weather/radar in charts the stormy areas show on the map. Now I can see every other category (e.g. turbulence, icing, winds, jet streams) but not the weather radar. I have always used the standard weather that comes with XP12.

Many Thanks,

Now the weather radar is back.

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