QW BAe146 for P3Dv5

Hi…I cannot get the Navigraph Data Manager to find my Quality Wings BAe146 either by auto Scan button or manually. Manually… I select the aircraft in the drop down menu, and then try the “Install Into” option , this drop down menu does not show P3Dv5.

The QW BAe146 appears to be correctly installed, I have done a couple of flights with it.

I have the latest version of Data Manager…

Hope you can help. Many thanks


Hi John,


I don’t believe the BAe146 is supported for P3Dv5. When it is we add it to the FMS Data Manager and Manual Installs.

On an unsupported basis and assuming it is similar to P3Dv4, I guess you can try +Add in FMS Data Manager specifying User Defined folder pointing to your P3Dv5\Qualitywings.


Hi Ian…I dont know when they started with the BAe146 in P3Dv5…I’ve only recently moved from V4 to V5.
Here is a screenshot of the V5 installer on the QW site.

Edit…I also tried the manual method you mentioned and that seems to have worked…at least it’s entered in the Data Manager, just needs a test flight to prove it.

Many thanks


Hi John,
sorry, we haven´t received any information about that … I have added the search-patterns now in the FDM and also I have open P3Dv5 in the manual-installer files. You should expect the automatic detection with the next upcoming AIRAC 2111 in a few days (thursday this week).

Thanks for the hint,

Good to get it sorted. I look forward to the next navdata cycle in a day or so.

Thanks for your help.


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