P3Dv5 PMDG B77L | Scan Tool Will Not Detect | Wont Work Mannualy Either |

Hello, hope you are all getting along!

So after a lot of fussing and frustration, I cannot update the AIRAC cycle on the PMDG B777-200LR (P3Dv5) so i’ll tell you all the things I’ve tried from first to last. First I used the scan tool, but it did not detect P3D or the aircraft at all. So the next best thing I did was manually add the PMDG (All aircraft or something). I opened the main P3D folder and located the PMDG folder, and just selected that. Installed it the manager of course says it’s up to date blah blah. Then I went to the aircraft again just to find it saying AIRAC cycle 1309 which is still outdated. so whatever I make a clean install of the aircraft, and try to put the download location to P3Dv5 / PMDG / Navdata folder. And that did nothing too. So I deleted the 2 folders the installer generates (The nav graph installer) and just put the raw content it installed into the Navdata folder. Loaded in again and it says it’s updated to 2109 which is current but when I go to like say KSEA and go to select a DEP they are all old and outdated. And so I thought maybe it’s just labeled wrong now but nope. Many newer waypoints are missing so it did not update. Yes, I’ve tried to re-install the game, and the aircraft, and the installer (Navigraph one) tried to do it without ever loading into the aircraft or even after. In the end, I tried it all I’d say any suggestions, please? Everything is up to date, please leave any suggestions thanks!


Hi Marco,


In Settings, Make sure you are running the latest FMS Data Manager

In Settings,check your P3Dv5 path is correct.

In Addon Mappings, Remove entry for PMDG (all compatible products).

Choose +Add, select PMDG (all compatible products) and Install in Prepar3D v5 .

Press Save.

In Addon List, select and Update PMDG (all compatible products).

In PMDG FMC, confirm you have the current AIRAC 2109 number and dates:



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