Need some help getting set up again

Hello everyone, I just built a new PC and I need some help getting my Navagraph Data manager working. It was working on my other PC just fine a week or two ago, and this PC has a very similar setup.

I have my P3Dv5.3 sim installed on my “Flight Sim” drive, which is an additional drive in my system. And the Data Manager picked up the location and lists it as my sim. (note I also have MSFS and the NavData center app, but that one is working fine so far)

But the only thing the data manager seems to see to be updated Is Little Nav Map? It doesn’t see my PMDG products (747, 737, 777) or my FSLabs aircraft (320x series) It only lists Little Nav Map as one of my addons.
I have refreshed it several times, checked my SimLink and it shows the plug-in as installed?

My Data Manager version is:

But this is all I see:

thanks for any advice.

Hi Rob,

Probably quickest to map the addons manually:

In Addon Mappings,
Press Scan. If either PMDG or FSL not detected , press +Add, Choose PMDG (all compatible products), Install into Prepar3D v5.

Repeat for FlightSimLabs A319/320-X/321-X (You may need to specify User Defined Folder C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons)

Press Save


Hello Ian, and thanks for the support.

I think that this might be “partly” a user error for the FSLabs and the Aerosoft CRJ Pro (I forgot to name that one in my original post).
I installed them on the same drive as my P3Dv5 as I was trying to keep as much stuff off my C drive as possible, and I just found 2 separate P3Dv5 Addons folders on that drive, one that the FSLabs installer made and one that the Aerosoft CRJ made (one in a users folder and one just in the directory itself).
So now I essentially have 3 different P3Dv5 Addons folders.

Strangely enough, all the planes load up and work in P3Dv5.

Running the “Scan” option did find the PMDG products AND the Aerosoft CRJ, but not the FSLabs jets. If I add them manually, will the extra P3Dv5 addons folded that the installer made on my Flight Sim drive hurt the Navigraph install? IN other words, do I need to point the “user-defined” folder to THAT P3Dv5 addon folder on my I: drive? Or the actual one on my C: drive?

Sorry, it appears I made a mess here.

Ok, Ian, I think I got it working now.

I did have to use that (Prepar3D v5 Add-ons) folder that FSLabs created on my flight sim drive, but now everything seems to be working.

Thank you for the excellent and fast support (and patience) as always Ian, Navigraph products are the best!


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