After re-installing P3D v5 Navigraph is confused

H i All. Best Whishes.
I had to re-install P3D v5 lastweek and now that we are du to update the FMS
I did it using Navigaph FMS Data Manager for my PMDG Aircrafts. Everything worked weel Navigraph tells me that I am up to date, but when I use P3D with PMDG aircraft I still get an airac 2008 version.
Is there a way to synchronize these two (P3D and Navigraph) together.
When I reintalled P3D I did a complete uninstall, a control Panel uninstalle.
Should I try to re-install Navigraph?

Thanks for your Help.




It seems as if your FMS Data Manager session wasn’t successful.

Using Guide to posting Screenshots ,
please post screenshot of your Settings page showing P3Dv5 path:

Check your path is correct.

Please post screenshot of your Addon Mappings page showing page showing PMDG path for P3Dv5:

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Here you are Sir.
I have anothere problem it seems I have numerous Navigraph Accounts.
Can You tell wich on one is this one!!!.


Any news?
Have you forgotten me?



Yes you have two accounts. The one you have posted with here and another without subscription. I have sent you a PM suggesting you remove the other account.

You appear to have installed Prepar3D v5 to a Program Files directory. This is definitely not recommended as there are file access restrictions on Program Files directories. I suggest an uninstall/ reinstall to say C:\P3D v5. Note do not just move as registry settings will not alter.


Thanks for your answer Ian.
I don’t think you got my images that you asked for, my P3D is installed in D:\P3D v5
Not in a Progrram Files directory and it was working correctly last month in the PMDG FMS so I don’t see why it shouldn’t now.

In FMS Data Manager Settings, Prepar3D V5 path navigate to and select D:\P3D v5.

In Addon Mappings, select PMDG (all compatible products) for P35, and press Remove and Save. Press Scan, PMDG should be detected. Press Save.

In Addon List , select PMDG and Update. Please confirm you have updated navdata in PMDG FMC.


Thanks Ian
You are my hero of the Day.

Keep up your good work.


Aw shucks, you are welcome.:grinning:

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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