Quality Wings Integration

I had no trouble using Simbrief Charts after first loading up the Quality Wings B787 product. Everything was rosy. Worked great with all my PMDG, Captain Sim and Quality Wings airplanes. Then a mandatory(?) update to the product came out and every time I try to use Charts with Quality Wings airplanes results in Crash to Desktop. I searched the web for answers but there were none that worked. I can’t even get a downloaded .JPG file to show up. I tried for over an hour without success. I read the Collection Manual cover to cover still could not make anything work. It’s not like I a new with Sims or computers - I have been doing this for over thirty years. Quality Wings says it is a Navigraph issue, Navigraph says it is a Quality Wings issue.

Does anyone have an answer or a fix?

Eric Parker

HI Eric,

Check you are using latest QW 787 (V 1.4 for P3D)

Are referring to Navigraph Charts in the EFB?

Have you been able to Authenticate :

Maybe post a screenshot showing what you are trying when the CTD occurs using Guide to posting Screenshots


Sorry for not answering sooner but other issues have had a higher priority. have the latest updates and authenticate to Navigraph before flying. The EFB never makes any attempt to try authenticate. It just freezes and then CTD.