Can not load any chart in EFB from simwing b787

it is no longer possible to load the chart in my EFB
as previously posted I start P3Dv5 as administrator but can’t get any further
I have also almost checked the entire PC and settings. The antivirus and defender are also disabled
can you help me for the solution
best regard


You need a Navigraph Unlimited (Monthly or Yearly) to access Navigraph Charts in QW 787.

I don’t see a subscription with your forum email? Maybe you have a different account?



I have a Navigraph unlimited Monthly to access Navigraph Chart in EFB from simwing b787

My account =

I possible that I have a other e-mail adres on the forum

Can you see what the problem is

Best regard and thanx for the feedback

Please send me a PM with

  • Any other email addresses
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Country of residence

I can then try to find your subscribed account.


Hi Ian

My e-mail adrres :

First name : John

Last name : Peuteman

Username : simpilot-b737

Country : Belgium

Cheers John

Hi John,

I see you have a subscription with this email. Please use that when logging into Terminal Charts in QW EFB.

You may need to Sign out of your QW device connection at Navigraph to permit new email login.


Hi Ian

I use this e-mail

And my password.

Attached is the screen that appears on my screen when I request the charts.

Can you find the error to  resolve this problem
Best regard John

If you are running on older windows version like win7 you might need to run p3d in admin mode for it to work ?

As a test, please disable any Antivirus or Firewall.

Check you don’t have proxy or VPN connecrtions.