Problem with FFA320 and KDCA

I’m currently updated to AIRAC 2014v1 and my route can’t be input into the FlightFactor A320. I can verify that the MCDU has AIRAC 2014. There were major changes to KDCA SIDs and the BOOCK2 and HOLTB1 are gone in place of the AMEEE1. When I go to the MCDU, the AMEEE1 is not there, but the BOOCK2 is. If I load up another plane (Zibo 738), everything loads fine, including the AMEEE1. Is this a Navigraph issue or an FFA320 issue? Would this also be why my SimBrief route for KDCA/KFLL is not loading in the MCDU?

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Are you sure that you have, in fact, installed the latest (or 2014) AIRAC into the FFA320 correctly? According to your description, the FF A320 reports having the 2014 navdata installed, but I can confirm that the BOOCK2 and HOLTB1 SIDs are not present in our data anymore in this cycle. Perhaps something went wrong during the installation of the new data?

Is this the first time you’re updating the FF A320, or has it been working previously?


It looks like there was some weird issue with SimBrief and Navigraph, as I checked after using the SimBrief downloader to get my flight plan, and did not show the correct AIRAC. I re-updated the AIRAC in the FMS data manager, then did SimBrief and it worked. Not sure what operation reset things, but it seems to be working now.

Thanks Adam,
we have checked the database now and also directly in XP11 - AMEEE1 is included and selectable on our systems, so it must be any other reason … BOOCK2 is outdated and therefore not available anymore.

Here a screenshot of my MCDU in the FF320, AIRAC 2101 loaded:

PS: I have set your answer as “Solution” (re-install the AIRAC ;-))


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