Different flightpath issue between charts and loaded flightplan

Hi Richard, since the latest update of MSFS, a problem has arisen. Just at the EDDK.

This is the very short route I planed in Navigraph.

Everything well.

In MSFS Navigraph is the base for the Map. I transfer the route in the Worldmap and this is the result:

When I change to the Navdatas from MSFS

The result is not the same as in Navigraph planed, but much better than with the navdatas of navigraph as the basis in MSFS-Worldmap

I’ve made the update on AIRAC 2103 rev. 1 twice, but no change.

What is the fault?


What do you mean with “transfer” … have you loaded the flightplan, which you have saved in Navigraph? Or what do you mean with “transfered” … When you load the flightplan, please upload it here, that I can look on it … thank you!


EDDK32R-EDDK32R.pln (3.5 KB)

The following FPLN LSZH28-LOWI26 is not loaded into MSFS Wordmap at all :frowning:

LSZH28-LOWI26.pln (6.7 KB)

Servus Hans-Peter,
I have splitted the posting now into a new one. I looks really odd, thanks for the flightplans. I´m still analyze it what and why this happened. Please be patience …


Servus Hans-Peter,
I´m pretty sure, that this is the bad flightmanagement issue from the sim, which truncate/re-calc and re-draw the flightpaths. I have made following test:

  1. Load the EDDK-EDDK file - than it looks:

    Look at the flightplan … this has nothing todo with the flightplan from our charts and with the waypoints in the file

  2. now set the Approach to “Automatic” and then it looks immediately correct:

… now when you set the approach back to ILS32R it will changed again to #1. So, it looks, that every time, when you add an approach - the flightplan will be re-calculate.

And last, it´s exactly the same behavior with the stock data. When you compare the charts with the world-map in the sim, you will see that when you use the ILS32R approach, the flightpath will be cutted and the SID will not follow till COL VOR. When you remove the approach and set it to direct … the SID will be shown correct till COL VOR.

against - with the stock data:

Sorry Hans-Peter, but that´s the typical flightmanagement issue in the sim - the sim truncate the flightpath automatically and you can´t really do anything - independent which navdata you are using. That´s a sim core limitation.

I can only recommand, not to compare our charts with the world-map or any navigation-displays in the default aircrafts, which are using this internal sim flightmanagement. Sorry to say.


Hi Richard,
that means I have to contact Asobo?!

What do you say to the short FPLN from LSZH to LOWI, which was not even displayed.

Actually all worked until AIRAC 2103.

By the way, I fly with WT CJ4!


Yes Hans-Peter - but we have still done this for several months … but it´s good when you report this again, yes …

This is a wrong abbreviation in the exported flightplan - when you select a localizer approach - we have LOC instead of LOCALIZER and therefore the flightplan can´t be loaded.



… and this is exactly your flightplan but corrected, which is loadable now:
LSZH28-LOWI26.pln (6.7 KB)

So, this is a bug in the chart MSFS exporter, which we will be fixed, of course … thanks for the hint!


Many thanks for your support.


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