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I’m trying to generate a flight plan from EDDB RW 25R to EKCH 22L. When I select the SID LURO1M I would like to leave to SID at ERDUX to fly further north. Navigraph wants me to follow a turn down to LUROS (the end of the SID). The best SID is SUKI1a but I would like to turn north already at IBGAL. Is it possible to leave a SID at any waypoint?

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SIDs and STARs are procedures that are intended to be flown all the way through. Many procedures have transitions that can shorten the path slightly, but that is not the case for this departure.

In your case, I believe you have just accidentally selected the wrong procedure. Here are the steps that I would take if I were you, but TLDR - you want the GERG1A or GERG1M departure!

  1. Create a new flight
  2. Select your origin and destination airports (EDDB and EKCH)
  3. Press the “Autoroute” button. You should now have a route plotted between the two airports.
  4. Select your runway (25R). The route widget should now look like this (note the GERGA waypoint):


  5. Open the departure selector. You will see something like this:


    As you can see, Navigraph Charts have automatically categorized the procedures based on the context of your already existing route. Your route currently starts at RWY 25R on EDDB and then goes directly to GERGA, and Charts have found procedures that match that exact criteria.

    As you can also see, the first category is labelled “From RW25R to GERGA”. Inside that category, you find two procedures that would fit your route perfectly.

    Below this category, there are a few more categories. They are sorted based on how well they match your current route, with the best match being placed at the top!

    All you need to do is to select the first best option, and your route should look good.

I hope this helped! The resulting route after following these steps should look something like this:

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Hi Malte,

thanks for your answer, I could follow your suggestion but I think that this departure is only used if your destination is in the east.
Yesterday I saw an airliner on flightradar24 that just turned right at Ludwigsfelde and directly flew north.

I don’t know what flightplan that specific airliner used, but unless instructed otherwise by ATC, you need to follow the procedures. I guess it’s possible that ATC gave these pilots a convenient direct routing! They might have departed without following any SID at all and just got vectored out. This can be in the interest of everyone involved, saving time and fuel in the process.

I am not familiar with the operations of this airport so I can’t say for a fact what happened. What I can say is that none of the departures fly over Ludwigsfelde and then turn directly north!
Looking at FR24 data, it does seem like they have a habit of making traffic proceed directly to some waypoint before the departure procedure has been fully flown

This one is flying the GERG2N departure:

This one flies the same departure to begin with, but clearly receives a very long direct routing before the procedure is finished:


We currently do not have a “direct to” feature, and this is a very peculiar scenario that I am not sure how we would handle if we had the feature.

In your scenario, our route calculator did add GERGA as the first waypoint in your route which means that departures that route you to that waypoint would be expected to be used. This does not prevent you from aborting the procedure halfway through and, for example, proceeding directly to RITEV which is directly north! It would not follow any procedure or chart, but that happens in the real world too when instructed by ATC.

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Malte, like you can see, they make most of the time just one turn here. Maybe that is possible cause there is no other airport nearby.


It does seem that way!

I don’t know their reasons, you’d have to ask the ATC or real pilots flying from that airport. All I can safely say is that they are not always flying published procedures and when they do, they sometimes get direct routings before the procedure is finished.

I also mentioned that we do not support direct routings at the moment. You are more than welcome to leave a vote for it over on our Wishlist :

Do you have any further questions?

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No, not for the Moment, thanks a lot.

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